Dr. L. A. Ashton

Phone: (02) 6360 1500
Fax: (02) 6360 1700
Email: secretary@oso.com.au
Practice Address:
309 Anson Street, Orange NSW 2800
Postal Address:
PO Box 8136, East Orange 2800
Website: orthopaedicsurgeonorange.com.au
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What to bring to your appointment

Please make sure you bring the following to your appointment with Dr Ashton
i) Referral letter from your doctor
ii) Any X Rays and Scans you may have
iii) Private Insurance details (Insurer name AND membership number)
iv) If applicable Workers Compensation details (Insurer name AND claim


Details to provide

You will need to provide the following at your appointment. Please make sure you have all of your details to hand.
i) Medications you are currently taking including doses and when taken.
ii) Allergies
iii) Previous medical history

  • previous operations
  • previous hospitalisations
  • medical conditions
  • local doctor / specialist treating doctor details


Surgery Fees

The fees charged in this practice are as recommended by the Australian Medical Association. This usually means that there will be a ‘gap’ (or a portion of the cost of the service that is not covered by Medicare or your Health Fund).

We will be able to give you advice on the above to guide you through this often confusing area.

Please phone our office if you have any queries.