If I have a plaster on can I get it wet?


It is safest to check with your doctor if plaster treatment will be required before surgery. Unless you have a fiberglass type plaster cast with water impervious ‘goretex’ underlay dressings then you can’t get the plaster wet.

  1. If there has been any surgery performed under the plaster then you  can’t get it wet. This is because wet areas under plaster increases the risk of infection and may interfere with healing skin.

  2. If swelling is likely to occur after a surgical procedure then a waterproof cast may not be advisable because the edges can dig into the skin and cause problems.

Treatment of certain conditions that require plaster where no skin areas underneath the plaster need to heal and where swelling is not a concern may be treated with water proof plasters and underlay. The waterproof underlay ‘goretex’ dressings, however, are expensive and not all hospitals keep them in stock. You may need to go to a private facility to be able to get this type of treatment if you desire a waterproof plaster.